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My session lengths and prices vary. Depending on your individual wants and needs. Each session type is available in three separate tiers. Deluxe Mini, Grand, and Supreme. Packages do include digitals. Contact me so we can find the perfect package for you.

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Do you offer cake smashes?

I do photograph cake smashes. Each smash is tailored to your individual wants.

How much are your packages?

My package prices vary and I prefer clients to message me so we can discuss their investment options and their individual needs.

How long are sessions?

This completely depends on the type of session. Newborn sessions are the longest by far. I don't set time limits on sessions. I prefer not to be restrained by a short time frame and work until I'm satisfied with the results.

What kind of gear do you use?

I photograph my clients with a full frame camera that with my help produces quality images. You will be able to blow up your images to a relatively large size without fear of pixilation.

Do I have to order prints through you?

This is completely optional. While I recommend printing through me it is absolutely not required. You will receive the print rights with your session.

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