Lets Get To Know Each Other

Hello! I'm Courtney I'm the photographer here at Infinite Journeys. I was born and raised in the Southeast Missouri area and serve that area to this day. I've always had a love for photography as far back as I can remember. I would always bug my parents to get me disposable cameras as a child until I received the greatest Christmas gift of all time. It was a little Kodak Easyshare with the print dock and I was over the moon. From that day on I always had a camera in my hand. I took every media class possible in high school because it gave me an excuse to carry around a camera. I would photograph everything from landscapes to my friends. Eventually, I photographed my first baby and the rest is history really. I quickly realized newborns and small babies were my true passion. I'm trained in the safe posing of newborns and put an emphasis on keeping every baby I photograph safe.

We are converting our two-car garage into a small studio, though it's only about half complete it's completely functional. I have a variety of props stored there. I have every bucket, bowl, or basket you can imagine and props in every color of the rainbow to go with. I provide everything we need for the session. From cute little outfits to headbands and backdrops I have a vast collection and try to style each session with something unique. I tend to use a variety of colors in my sessions which differs a bit from other newborn photographers. If you prefer a more neutral palette that's fine too!

While my heart lies with the babies I enjoy photographing a variety of different genres. I enjoy photographing families, children, couples, and even seniors and proms. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about a possible session. I look forward to speaking with you and being a part of this infinite journey with your family.

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“Working with Alex was a great experience and so much fun!”