A baby is coming!

Congratulations! Finding out your expecting a little one can be so exciting, however thinking about everything you need for the new baby can be overwhelming. Did you know you can get loads of free baby items to test out before you fully commit to any products? You can, and I'm going to share some great ways to get your hands on these goodies.

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Amazon Welcome Baby Box

There are so many different stores and websites out there that offer complimentary baby boxes jam packed with newborn essentials. The Amazon Baby Box is a parent favorite and it isn't hard to come by though you do need to be a Prime member. It's mixed with sample and full size products that are subject to change over time. Common items in the box include name brand baby bottles, wipes, clothing items, cleaning supplies, swaddle blankets and baby care items like lotions. To get a Welcome Baby Box you first need to sign up for Prime if your not already a member, you can sign up for the free 30 day trial and cancel it before the trial ends. Then you need to start a registry for you newborn. After you've started the registry you need to purchase an item that cost at least ten dollars. This kind of makes it seem like the box has a price but if you buy something essential like diapers then it really is just an added bonus.

Baby List Baby Box

Baby List is a website and app that allows you to create a baby registry using links from other websites like Amazon. To qualify for the baby box you need to add three items from other websites and three items from baby list to your registry. You do have to pay around $5.00 for shipping but the contents of the box are worth it. Items included in the boxes vary but common items are baby clothing, care items like shampoo and bottle wash, name brand bottles most recently they were Mam, diapers , wipes and more. The box also comes with a coupon for a free $25 gift from baby list you do not even have to pay shipping to get the gift so that really increases the worth,

Wal Mart Baby Box

Wal Mart also offers a welcome box though it does take a while to receive so sign up early. A variety of items are in the box and like the others they sometimes change. Items your likely to find include diapers, name brand pacifiers, baby care items, gripe water, care items for mom, and milestone stickers for photos.

Target Registry Bag

Perhaps the easiest welcome gift to get ahold of is the Target baby bag. Most of the time all you need to do is visit your closest Target visit the service desk and ask for a welcome bag. Sometimes I've heard of people having to complete a registry but not having to make a purchase. This is also one of my favorite welcome gifts. The most recent items included were diapers, a changing pad, Honest wipes, coupons, Dr. Brown's and Mam bottles, a Mam pacifier, a onesie, boogie wipes, care items for baby and also items for mom like nipple cream.


Formula is something you can definitely get tons of full sized samples of. Which is awesome because even if you plan to breastfeed you should have formula on hand given that you really never know what could happen. My body for instance just didn't produce milk and luckily I had some awesome mini bottles of formula I had gotten from Enfamil. A quick visit to the Enfamil website will enable you to sign up to receive tons of freebies, they often give big discount coupons, full size products, and pre prepared bottles which are super handy those first few weeks. Similac offers similar goodies. Kabrita is a lesser known formula brand that will actually send you a whole box of goodies. Their most recent box had an awesome bottle in it, baby snacks, formula and some other goodies.


You cannot have enough diapers, literally you just can't. I bought a pack a week for the entire second half of my pregnancy and still ended up having to buy some diapers. If you are expecting I highly recommend buying a pack of diapers a week. You can look up rough estimates for how many packs to get in each size. Just start with size 1 and go from there because you'll probably get a ton of newborn size at your baby shower, unless your not having a shower then start with newborn.

Abby & Finn is a diaper company that will send you a free trial of their diapers. My personal favorite The Honest Company will also send you a free trial and oh my gosh their diapers are cute, they also will send free trials of environmentally and baby friendly cleaning supplies. All Good Diapers is another company that will send you a free trial.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

I might have fibbed earlier when I said Target was my favorite. I had completely forgotten about Dolly's Imagination Library. All you have to do is visit the website and sign up when your baby is born. The program isn't available in every part of the country but it is worth a try, Once you sign your baby up they will receive free books in the mail until they turn 5, which is amazing. The program isn't available in our area but we've still managed to get our hands on several of the books they've released and they are all so good and age appropriate. It's fitting considering one of my favorite books as a little girl was The Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton and I still own it to this day.

More Freebies

There are a ton of freebies for new moms I haven't touched on in this post. Buy Buy Baby also offers a welcome box. Gerber baby has a gift box as well. The Noobie baby box is another one. Medela will send you a free breastfeeding kit. Vital Company will send you two free bottles of pre-natal vitamins. Motherhood Maternity has a free welcome baby bag. I'm sure there are so many others I haven't touched on. If you collect all the free baby boxes available you will have quite the stash to get you started in caring for your new little one.